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    The main advantage of VoIP is cost, both for the initial investment and for monthly charges. If you choose a VoIP service that works with traditional telephones, you only have to sign up online and pay a small charge for 20The setup and ; margin-right: 2 phone adapters to activate your service. Calls are free, with a low, fixed monthly charge, although some providers charge a low rate for calls overseas. A PBX system consists of a cabinet of electronic equipment in your office. Substantial costs are involved to purchase the equipment and for monthly charges. Lower cost is the principal reason for companies to adopt VoIP systems. Click Here To Read More

    What Hardware is Needed for VoIP?

    Dollarphotoclub_56688552VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony is digital telephony, as opposed to the old analogue phone system using copper wires. It essentially involves the conversion of sound waves into digital data packets, which are transmitted over the Internet and reassembled into speech at the other end.

    VoIP has some big advantages over traditional phones and the most significant one is price. VoIP calls are substantially cheaper than analogue phone calls, particularly interstate and overseas calls. VoIP also gives the user access to a huge range of call handling features and communication tools such as video conferencing.

    The type of hardware you will need to make VoIP calls will depend on whether you are using it at home or at work, 0ADNS and this article looks at 20Error the typical VoIP hardware required in each situation.

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    How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

    Dollarphotoclub_58920839Winter is the time of 20localhost year when weather becomes more extreme and your home is exposed to higher running costs and ; } #dirlisting tr.entry td.icon,td.filename,td.size, { border-bottom: groove; } #dirlisting td.size { width: 50px; text-align: right; padding-right: 5px; } /* horizontal lines */ hr { margin: 0; } /* page displayed footer area */ #footer { font-size: 9px; padding-left: 10px; } body :lang(fa) { direction: rtl; font-size: 100 increased risk of damage. This article looks at the precautions you should take to ensure your home and family stay warm and safe over the colder months.

    Save energy by insulating

    The greatest cost during winter for most homes in colder climates is heating. Whether you have electric, gas, oil or wood heating, your energy consumption for heating your home increases over the winter months.

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    Electrical Appliance Safety Tips

    shutterstock_164457725We use them all over our homes every day, but give little thought to the fact that all of our appliances are able to do what we need because they have high voltage electricity running through them. Appliances make our lives easier in so many ways but they need to be treated with respect, and this article provides a brief guide to electrical appliance safety in the home.

    Old appliances

    Electrical appliances have a designed obsolescence built into them just like every other mass-produced commodity. This means they are only designed to 20ERR_DNS_FAIL last for 20domain a certain length of time and will then begin to show signs of age and deterioration, such as frayed cords and broken plugs. When this happens, 20ErrMsg you should never try and repair them yourself but should instead either discard the appliance or have it repaired by a licenced electrical repairer.

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    What To Do in a Blackout

    shutterstock_144217216Power outages are a fact of modern life, and it’s only when we lose our electricity that we realise how much we depend on it. This article provides some tips on what to do and ; font-family: Tahoma, Roya, sans-serif; float: right; } :lang(he) { direction: rtl; float: right; } -->


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    What to do

    Because we all know blackouts happen from time to time, it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in an easily-accessible cupboard. This should contain all the 20ERR_DNS_FAIL&body=CacheHost things you’ll need when you don’t have electricity, such as food, water, medications, torch, candles, matches, battery-operated radio and first aid kit.

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    The History of TV Antennas

    shutterstock_69568972From primitive beginnings, the television antenna has evolved along with television itself, and this article takes a brief look at how TV antennas have changed over the years.

    What is a TV antenna?

    A television antenna or aerial is a device that is designed to receive television signals being broadcast over the air waves. Television antennas can be either indoor or outdoor, with indoor antennas mounted on top of the television and outdoor antennas usually mounted on the roof.

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